Do you care….?

CHALLENGE 6  Activity 1

What global issue is human caused, accelerating right now as you read this, and is affecting our everyday lives and we don’t know it or do we?

Can you guess?? Here’s a hint it can be possibly prevented…da da da it’s Global Warming!

So you say what’s Global Warming Anyway?

Global Warming is happening now. Temperatures are rising causing an affect on all ecosystems. For an example Did you know that Sea Ice is melting so there is an increase in water levels. Leaving Polar animals homeless, and foodless.

So why is the temperature rising you ask? What could have caused this?

US can you belive it! That’s right Scientest have proven that the burning of coal, gas, and oil are pollution from things such as cars are creating Global Warming!

So what can we do to help?

Well lot’s of stuff. Promote the following: Reduce emission levels, stand by the clean air act…please see these sites to help the cause.

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